Education Flooring

Intercraft Flooring Group offers a wide range of school flooring options. We can accommodate any space, whether you need floor coverings for classrooms, school offices, hallways or more.

As one of the most trusted education flooring contractors in Sydney, we have built a reputation for providing highly durable, performance flooring solutions. With thousands of feet crossing their various surfaces daily, schools need someone to ensure their floors are kept safe. Little wonder so many institutions turn to us for both installation and essential ongoing maintenance.

Flooring Solutions for Schools

Our school flooring solutions are tailor-made to suit the needs of your educational facility and provides a safe, durable surface for students and faculty to walk on. All of our flooring options available in Sydney can be customised according to your requirements.

Classroom Carpet/Flooring

Classrooms are places of learning and will require a hard-wearing, practical flooring solution. From brightly coloured carpets suited for younger students, to stylish, modern options for universities and colleges, we have something to suit any facility. When it comes to education flooring, Intercraft is a company that you can trust.

Library Carpet/Flooring

Noise control is a major factor in libraries, which is why we offer a range of functional carpets and flooring options that minimise echoes and the proliferation of noise. Our library flooring solutions require minimal maintenance and care to ensure their continued performance.

Hallway Carpet/Flooring

Heavy traffic areas such as hallways also need high-performance flooring. We offer a wide selection of education flooring in Sydney suitable for hallways and other applications. We can provide low-maintenance finishes that protect against scuffs, scrapes and heavy foot traffic.