High-Quality Carpet Tile Flooring

Design for your space

As a leader in carpet flooring in Sydney, Intercraft Flooring Group offers highly customised carpet designs for your interiors. Our commercial carpet tiles can be mixed and matched as needed, creating a dynamic, comfortable space unique to your establishment.

The use of varying colours and textures allows us to create clear boundaries separating one area from the next. Stylish and dynamic, this style is perfect for modern offices, classrooms and other multi-purpose spaces.

If you prefer a more traditional approach, we can also use a singular carpet pattern for the entire room, custom cut to fit your space. No matter what your style, our carpet flooring is a versatile solution for any Sydney establishment.

Easy and Quick to Install

We understand that carpet laying can be extremely disruptive to your day to day operations. To minimise disruptions, Intercraft Flooring Group will install your carpet quickly and efficiently in a matter of hours, depending on the size of the venue.

We build our schedule around yours — if needed, we can install your carpet after business hours so that it does not affect your productivity. We value your time and want to make sure that your carpet is installed perfectly every single time.

Outstanding Performance

Our carpet tiles are designed to be used in demanding, heavy traffic environments. Made from high-quality materials, our carpet tiles are resistant to staining, warping and peeling.

From the adhesives to the installation technique that we use, you can be assured that you are only getting the very best. Intercraft Flooring Group prides ourselves on our precision and efficiency, to ensure excellent results and outstanding performance every time.

A high-quality carpet can completely transform your space. Intercraft Flooring Group is an established supplier of carpet flooring in Sydney, catering to the needs of commercial, educational and healthcare establishments.

A stylish carpet can greatly increase the comfort of your living or working spaces, reducing noise and creating a warm, inviting environment. Carpets are ideal for offices, libraries, reception areas, as well as any space that needs a touch of warmth.

Choose from our wide selection of carpets, available in a range of styles. We offer carpets in different colours, textures and patterns, custom cut to seamlessly incorporate into your space.

Your Provider for Carpet Flooring in Sydney

For a complete flooring solution, contact Intercraft Flooring Group today. Our friendly customer service representative will be happy to discuss your flooring requirements. We are your source for performance carpet tiles and floor coverings.

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