Flooring for Healthcare Facilities

When your organisation provides high-quality care for people, you need someone who takes equal care with floors. Intercraft Flooring Group is your source for high-quality healthcare flooring. Durable, hard wearing and easy to clean, our floors offer a hygienic solution for all of your hospital needs. We can provide flooring options for patient rooms, hallways, offices and even operating rooms.

Clinics and hospitals of all sizes depend on our 40+ years of being ‘obsessed’ with perfection. Contact us today for healthcare flooring in Sydney.

Quality Flooring that Meets Clinical Standards

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities demand the highest standards of quality and hygiene. Healthcare flooring in Sydney has to endure constant foot and trolley traffic while still being easy to clean and maintain.

Intercraft Flooring Group only offers the highest quality of flooring to suit any health care facility, whether you have a clinic, dental practice or an aged care home.

Our hospital vinyl flooring range boasts an extended service life, featuring high-quality raw materials and the most advanced surface treatments for a floor that is resistant to scuffs, scratches and grime. This durability makes it a cost-effective option for your facility.

We also offer convenient, easy to install carpet tiles, which can be replaced with ease.

A Durable, Hygienic Option

All of our healthcare vinyl flooring choices are designed to be durable and long lasting. We can create floors that are exceptionally easy to sanitise, providing you with safe, hygienic flooring solutions.

We even offer flooring systems for more sensitive hospital areas such as intensive care units, diagnostic facilities and operating theatres. Each area will have its own unique requirements. For example, these facilities will need floors that are resistant to slips, bacterial growth and chemical exposure.

Intercraft Flooring Group can meet all of these requirements and more. Contact us for all of your vinyl flooring requirements.